Interdependence of Living Things and Their Environment – At this level students are looking at things such as host-parasite relationships and symbiotic relationships. Some good examples to investigate at the Desert Park include the Bloodwood Galls and Mistletoe (the role of the Mistletoe Bird can also be included in this story). An interpretive sign on the Bloodwood Gall can be found just outside the large walk in aviary in Desert Rivers, and the Woodland habitat is a good place to investigate Mistletoe.

Structure and Function – At this level the main focus of the curriculum is on mechanisms that organisms have to control and balance things such as temperature and water balance. Students may wish to investigate a particular animal or plant and consider how it controls it’s temperature or water levels. Students studying the stomata on leaves as suggested in the curriculum indicators may benefit by comparing a plant that grows naturally in wetter climates (such as lettuce) with a desert plant. The Water Wise resources will provide a good start for students in this topic but they will be expected to develop their understanding to a higher level.