A visit to the Alice Springs Desert Park can help your students to achieve a wide variety of outcomes identified in the Australian Curriculum Framework - Science and Geography.

Here are some ideas from the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework.

The Life and Living

1. Interdependence of living things and their environment (I)
living things respond to and interact with each other and their environment and are part of a dynamic and interdependent system

2. Structure and function (S&F)
a relationship exists between the structure and function of organisms and this helps them to survive in their environment

3. Reproduction and change (R&C)
all living things grow and change over time. Diversity of life is ensured through inheritance and evolution

Explicit examples of how you may use the Park to help you students achieve the outcomes for each element of the Life and Living Strand are outlined on these individual pages. Don't forget that teachers are offered free planning visits (contact administration via email or call 8951 8788) and that you can hire a Park Guide to help deliver any of the content that you are unsure of.

Band 1
Band 2
Band 3
Band 4
Band 5
Beyond Band 5

Or, if you prefer to download all of this information in PDF format you can do so here

A PDF version of the Life and Living section of the NTCF

If you have more ideas as to how you can use the Desert Park to help students achieve outcomes in this and other areas of the curriculum, please consider sharing these with other teachers through this wiki. Contact the Desert Park for more information on how you could do this.