Desert Rivers illustrates the diversity of life that can be found around water.

Desert Rivers Habitat

There are three aviaries exhibiting the birds commonly found in the Desert Rivers regions, one of which you can go inside.

There is also a great shelter located off the beaten track that can be used by school groups (bookings essential).
New Desert Rivers shelter available for School Groups

Desert Rivers is a great place to study the diversity of life, as many animals and plants can be found due to the availability of water. Information on different beak shapes depending on the foods that birds eat can be found in one of the aviaries. There is also information on the 'homes' that plants provide for animals.

To begin planning your Desert Rivers learning experiences you may like to use the following fact sheet or visit Desert Rivers via the Desert Park web site.

If you are from a bush school and have ESL students you may find the following worksheets and teacher notes useful for engaging your students in language learning whilst they are here.