A visit to the Alice Springs Desert Park can provide excellent opportunities for learning across the Australian Curriculum.

Desert Park Guide working with children
Teacher Education in the Outdoor Classroom

Entry for all NT School students is FREE.

Students learning from the interpretive materials

Teachers are responsible for their classes at all times

To begin planning your visit you may find this booklet useful

Guided programs that support the Australian Curriculum are available by year level

To book, download, complete and email back the booking form. Bookings are to be made at least two weeks in advance

You may choose to come for just one visit, though for schools that are close by, a number of shorter and more focused visits may provide better learning opportunities.

Toilets are shown on the Desert Park Map, and can be found in the Visitor Courtyard and the Nocturnal House.

There are water bubblers throughout the Desert Park. These are also marked on the map.