Aboriginal guides share their knowledge of survival in the desert

The Desert Park and the country on which it is located is of great importance to Arrernte people, who have a significant role in the development of the park.

Guide presentation on traditional medicine

You can book an exclusive Aboriginal Survival in the Desert guide presentation for your class. This 40 minute presentation covers a wide range of topics including how to find water, food, bush medicine, make and use tools, Aboriginal languages, hunting and gathering, tracking and other cultural practices. This presentation can be cutomised to the level and interests of your class.

Tracks in the sand

Aboriginal people have lived in the deserts of Australia for tens of thousands of years. There are many different Desert Aboriginal language groups.

Teamwork, knowledge of how to find food and water , make medicine , fire , shelter and tools tell stories and look after the land and each other have been essential survival tools.

Bush Tucker

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