Interdependence of Living Things and their Environment
After identifying their own needs (KGP 2), visit the Desert Park and identify the basic needs of other animals (e.g. food, water, shelter) and plants (e.g. sunlight, soil, water).

Structure and Function
Identify some characteristics of living things that distinguish them from non living things such as the ability to grow, and then on a visit to Park, successfully identify things as living or non living

Sort living things into groups using a single characteristic (e.g. feathers, fur, scales).

Reproduction and Change

Observe how all offspring are similar to their parents, acknowledging for example that bilbies always have baby bilbies

Consider how people grow and change as they get older (e.g. babies, toddlers, teenagers) and observe how animals at the Desert Park also grow and change. It may be possible to see some young of a particular species at the Park– this will depend on what is reproducing in the Park at anyone time. Contact the Park for more information on what will be available at the time of your visit.

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