The Nocturnal House - where you can see animals of the Sand Country and the Woodland up close

Pygmy Mulga Goanna
The entrances to the Nocturnal House show some of the smaller diurnal reptiles of both the Sand Country and the Woodland.

As you walk into the middle of the building, you walk into the night. This is where you find some of the nocturnal animals of the Sand Country and the Woodland

Mulga Snake

The Nocturnal House is a great place for students to study a particular animal as they have a greater chance of seeing it here. There are information panels about each animal.

Some of the things you could study here are habitat, distribution, size, habits, needs.

A great time to be in the Nocturnal House is around 10 am; the animals are more active in the mornings, and most other park visitors will be at the Nature Theatre presentation at this time.

Some teachers find it useful to have a worksheet for the students, though often just being free to look and experience is just as good a way to learn.
Some ideas to get you started:

If you create any good worksheets and want to share them with other teachers through this wiki please contact the Desert Park

There are public toilets in the Nocturnal House.