Rock Around the Park is an educational resource complete with lesson plans and blackline masters.

The resource was developed as a collaborative project between The Northern Territory Minerals Council, The Northern Territory Department of Education and Training and The Alice Springs Desert Park

Equipment needed to carry out the practical activities can be borrowed from the Desert Park

The Rock Around The Park Unit of work can be used to engage students in learning across the curriculum. There are however intrinsic links between this unit of work and the Science Learning Area, in particular with the strands of Science as Enquiry and Earth and Beyond .

Outcomes and Indicators for these Science as Enquiry (Investigating) and Earth and Beyond have been identified in this document, which is up to date with the Science Progress Maps published in 2009

Gives you and overview of the resource, curriculum links, and some ideas for how to get started with your class.

Contains 14 activities to do in class prior to your Desert Park visits.
Contains 2 activities to begin your investigations at the Desert Park on your first visit.

Contains information on the habitats at the Alice Springs Desert Park and some activities to investigate the soil in each habitat. This is best done with three visits, one for each habitat.

Student worksheets and record sheets which can be photocopied

Contains a glossary and a list of useful references