Woodland illustrates the effects of changes that have taken place in the desert

The Woodland is where some of the larger animals are most often found, such as the emu and the Red Kangaroo. The woodland provides many resources for plants animals and people and has therefore changed over time. It is these changes that have caused species to become threatened or extinct.


There are three aviaries, one of which you can walk through. This is great place to take a class set of binoculars (available from the Desert Park Guides ) and learn how to observe birds.

Woodland Habitat

Woodland is a great place to study the changes that have taken place in our environment. The woodland provides many resurces and is also a habitat from which many animals have become endangered or extinct.

There are many examples of bush food and medicine in the Woodland.

To begin planning your Woodland learning experiences you may like to use the following fact sheet
or visit Woodland via the Desert Park web site.

If you are from a bush school and have ESL students you may find the following worksheets and teacher notes useful for engaging your students in language learning whilst they are here.